Roof Repair


Atlanta roofing now employee repairing a roof in one of our housing repair projects.Take note that if you have water stains that extend across ceilings or run down through walls, this may be an indicator of a roof leak or problems on your roof. Tracking down the leak is the difficult part; the fixes are pretty much easier and done by Atlanta roofing specialists.

If you have a roof leak, there should be an immediate action to be done, even if doesn’t bother you much or if you have plans of getting a roof replacement next year.

Even in a short amount of time, small leaks can bring about bigger problems such as mold, rotted framing and sheathing, damaged insulation and ceilings.

The flashing leak can cause an expensive roof leak repair and could have been avoided if tracked earlier or assisted promptly by roofing Atlanta GA.

Maintaining a sound roof tops the list of essential home repairs. It will keep your home or business interior warm and dry and protects these from outside elements.

Damage or signs of wear should demand immediate action to keep water from seeping in and rotting the wood beneath.

Ignoring such indicators, even though it seems that it is a minimal one, could result in the needto replace the whole roof which would cost more rather than just asking an Atlanta roofing contractor to do repairs.

Most roof leaks are similar in nature and Atlanta roofing company keeps track of these problems. It includes the following:

  • Blown off or missing shingles – Regardless of which material or materials are used, shingles are prone to lifting or disentanglement due to high winds. Lighter materials suffer from this more than the heavier ones, but even heavy asphalt shingles can peel or be blown away.
  • Bad or leaking pipe flashing – The vent pipes on your roof sit underneath your roof material. These are ideally well sealed but corrosion of the pipe flashing or of the sealant placed can allow water to enter through the interior.
  • Chimney or skylight step flashing – These chimney flashing can also leak if high winds or severe weather conditions pull it away from the chimney or roof or if the sealant is compromised. Skylights according to many roof leak repair Atlanta experts are trickier to diagnose. What looks like a leak can just be condensation. However, a cracked skylight or worn seals can allow leaks to form.
  • Valleys – Valleys are the little gutters that run down interior angles on your roof. Roofing atlanta experts take note that flashing can be damaged by lifting tiles, fungus build up, or improper cleaning. Since the bulk of the rainwater is going to be channeled down these valleys by the laws of gravity, it’s imperative to be sure they are not damaged.
  • Ice dams— Ice dams form when melted snow refreezes on your roof. This forms walls that don’t allow other runoff to drain into your rain gutters or otherwise leave your roof.
  • Low slope/inadequate roof pitch— Low slope roofs are susceptible to wind damage almost as much as flat roofs. They also often don’t provide good run-off in regions that see a lot of rain.

Atlanta roof repair contractors way of hunting for roof leaks is that water flows downhill. Even flat roofs aren’t that flat anyways. They have a small slope to them that lets water run to the drains.

Depending on the slope of your roof, that mold or leak on your bedroom ceiling could originate at a trouble spot over your bedroom, or it could be originating further up the roof.

If you’re having trouble locating the leak, take a flashlight up into your attic space and look for dampness or mold. The sooner you can locate a leak, the less expensive it is to repair.

For use of better equipments and processes, one should call residential and commercial roofing companies in Atlanta.

Other common roof repairs aside from the ones mentioned that also falls under emergency roof repair Atlanta include fascia and soffits repair, roof trusses annd roof gutters.

Fascia is a vertical trim that takes the damage that Mother Nature intended for your trusses. Soffit runs horizontally from the fascia to the exterior wall of the house and is a very attractive place for insects and small animals. Deterioration on the fascia is easy to see. Deterioration on the soffit is usually spotted by damage done by these intruders.

Roof trusses are the main structures that support your roof. Leaks often run along the trusses before dripping down onto your ceiling. As a result, when a leak happens this is one of the big things to inspect for damage.